About WhiteStar

WhiteStar Asset Solutions is one of the leading servicers in Italy, offering complete and integrated solutions to all the needs of investors and companies.

Founded in 2005 as PARR Credit, WhiteStar has a long experience in managing performing, sub-performing and non-performing banking, financial as well as commercial products.

In 2018, the Company was acquired by Arrow Global Group (United Kingdom), and is now into part of one of the main European credit purchase and management companies.

As part of Arrow Global Group, and consistent with the Group’s strategy, WhiteStar provides a complete range of management services, aligned to the interests of its Clients.

The Company counts on nearly 600 resources including employees and contractors, in Rome and Tirana (Albania).

Management Team

  • Harold Chacon (Global CFO, Asset Management & Servicing
    Chairman, WhiteStar Asset Solutions)
  • Antonio Giannitti (Chief Executive Officer, WhiteStar Asset Solutions)

Arrow Global Group Plc (“Arrow”) is a UK asset manager and credit servicer (offices in Manchester and London) specialized in the purchase, management and valuation of non-performing loans, both from a single name perspective as well as a portfolio perspective.

The company has significantly developed its business in recent years, increasing its presence in Europe (Holland, Ireland, Portugal and most recently in Italy). Arrow employs over 2,100 employees and associates in 6 countries.

In Italy, in addition to WhiteStar, Arrow controls three non-performing asset management platforms such as:

  • Europa Investimenti S.p.A.
    Institutional investor operating in the Italian market of distressed opportunities;
  • Sagitta SGR
    Funds management company of the Arrow Global Group in Italy, specializing in the management of non-performing NPLs and UTPs.
  • Zenith Services S.p.A.
    financial intermediary registered with the Single Register of financial intermediaries pursuant to art. 106 TUB. Master servicer for the management of securitization vehicles established pursuant to Law 130/1999;

The presence in Italy is strengthened by the coordination and support activity carried out by Arrow Global Italy.

Arrow Global Group Plc Website

Whitestar Asset Solution

As of March 24, the WhiteStar Asset Solutions offices will remain closed while continuing to ensure full operations.

The Company has in fact the priority of the health of its employees and collaborators, therefore, in this emergency situation, it has chosen to put all people in a position to work in smart working. Our resources will therefore continue their activity with unchanged times and methods, keeping the service standards unchanged.

The switchboard will operate remotely from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.