The company operates in compliance with the licenses for credit management (ex. Art. 115 TULPS) and for the collection of commercial information (ex. Art. 134 TULPS).

Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics

Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics

Credit Management: in the exercise of its activities, the Company confirms its adherence to the principles and requirements of the “Forum-UNIREC Code of Conduct” which inspires itself every day to encourage the adoption of correct conduct aimed at safeguarding the dignity and protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of customers.

Ethical code

The Company, in the context of actions aimed at consolidating and applying the policies and principles of the Group to which it is part, adopts the Code of Ethics which expresses the values to which all its workers must comply, whether they are employees, collaborators in various capacities or Directors.

The Code consists of:

  • the general ethical principles, which identify the main values to be pursued during company activities;
  • the criteria of conduct towards each stakeholder, which provide the guidelines and rules that the recipients of the code are required to comply with;
  • implementation mechanisms, which outline the control system for the correct application of the code of ethics and for its continuous improvement.

The Company promotes knowledge and observance of the Code of Ethics among all subjects operating in its sphere of activity (eg Directors, employees, collaborators in various capacities, commercial and financial partners, consultants, customers and suppliers) by requesting compliance with it and providing , in case of non-compliance, adequate disciplinary and / or contractual sanctions.

The Code constitutes a prerequisite and reference both to the Organization, Management and Control Model adopted by the Company pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 and subsequent amendments, and to the sanction system, integrating the regulatory framework to which the company is subject.

Supervisory Body

Pursuant to Art. 6 of the Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 n. 231 and subsequent amendments the Board of Directors has appointed a Supervisory Body with a single member about the Legislative Decree 231/01 with the task of monitoring the progress of the activities planned in relation to 231/01 and supervising the preparation and deployment of the Management, Organization and Control Model, taking care of the subsequent updates and supervising the functioning and observance of the control processes.

The following information channels are available for communications to the Supervisory Body:


Registered letter to the following postal address
WhiteStar S.r.l.
Organismo di Vigilanza
Via Pieve Torina,
44-46/a – 00156 Roma


Anyone who becomes aware of violations of the principles of the Model and / or of the operating procedures that make up the Model or in general of the internal control and risk management system, is required to report them promptly by filling in the “MSW Model” and following the instructions therein. contained. Subsequent sending to the email

Commercial Information

The company also confirms compliance with the “Code of ethics and good conduct for the processing of personal data carried out for the purposes of commercial information” approved by the Italian Data Protection Authority, with Resolution of 17/09/2015, n.479, and published in the G.U. n.238 del 13/10/2015 (IT).